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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype


This resource serves as an extensive gathering of primary source texts, graphics, and ephemera regarding the history, art, and appreciation of the daguerreotype.

My initial endeavor with this site in 2008–2010 was followed by various periods of inactivity. As of 2020, after various fits and starts, I have made the decision to keep the site online although I won't be adding more content (which was always my plan.) My apologies for the various promises of additional material which will, unfortunately, never be realized.

A couple of notes: As of 2016, the underlying markup language for this website has been brought up to compliance with HTML5 and CSS3. Older browsers may not correctly render the page appearance, but the content should still be accessible. Additionally, a quirk of the popular browser extension, "AdBlock," tends to block the "advertising" graphics in this website. The remedy is to manually adjust the settings of AdBlock to add (or "whitelist"...or filter-to-allow) this domain— http://www.daguerreotypearchive.org/ —as an exclusion to its block function.

Much of the content provided on this site is provided in pdf format and requires a reader to view. Depending on your browser or device, the file may open in your browser window, in a separate window, or as a download. Beginning June 2016, I will be converting the pdf files to the archival format, "PDF/A," to help insure longevity of readibility. Depending on your PDF reader, the file may open as "read only" which may have the undesirable effect of disabling links in the document. Your pdf reader, however, should have a simple setting to "enable editing" (or a similar function) that will enable links.


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