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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

Ewer archive: B8550003
author name: John Timbs
text title: "The Daguerreotype"
book title: Curiosities of London
notes: A brief account of the daguerreotype in England
keywords: St. Croix, John F. Goddard, Richard Beard, Miles Berry, Antoine Claudet, John Herschel, John W. Draper
Ewer archive: B8550002
author name: John Timbs
text title: "Dioramas"
book title: Curiosities of London
notes: A description of the London Diorama
keywords: London Diorama
Ewer archive: B8550001
author name: Sarah Roberts
text title: "An Hour in a Daguerrian Gallery"
book title: The Amaranth; or, Token of Remembrance. A Christmas and New Year’s Gift for 1855
notes: A fictional tale with a moral message
keywords: Sarah Roberts
Ewer archive: B8550004
author name: H. A. R.
text title: "The Daguerreotypes"
book title: Moods and Emotions in Rhyme
notes: A brief, albeit intriguing poem.
keywords: H. A. R.
Ewer archive: B8550005
author name: Q. K. Philander Doesticks, P.B. [pseud. Mortimer Neal Thompson]
text title: "'Side Shows' of the City"
book title: Doesticks: What He Says
notes: A brief passage from this humorous title describing a doorway display of daguerreotypes.
keywords: Q. K. Philander Doesticks, Mortimer Neal Thompson
21 February 1855
Home Journal (New York)
Ewer archive: N8550001
author name: Nathaniel Parker Willis
text title: "Letter from Idlewild"
notes: A brief and charming account of a Centenarian and his daguerreotype.
keywords: Nathaniel Parker Willis, N. P. Willis, N. Parker Willis, N. P. W., Old Billy Babcock, Samuel B. Ruggles, Convalescent
12 May 1855
South-West Independent
(Fayetteville, AK)
Ewer archive: N8550003
author name: William Quesenbury (assumed)
notes: An editorial comment about Fitzgibbon's activities with an invitation extended to him for a visit to south-west Missouri and north-west Arkansas.
keywords: John H. Fitzgibbon, Monsieur Penabert
June 1855
Photographic and Fine Art Journal
Ewer archive: P8550002
author name: Nathan G. Burgess
text title: "Amusing Incidents in the Life of a Daguerrean Artist"
notes: Humorous anecdotes.
keywords: Nathan G. Burgess
26 July 1855
New-York Daily Times
Ewer archive: N8550002
notes: A brief notice regarding the death of a child by falling from a daguerreotype gallery window.
August 1855
Photographic and Fine Art Journal
Ewer archive: P8550003
author name: Samuel F. Simpson
text title: "Daguerreotyping on the Mississippi"
notes: A description of the business of daguerreotyping by boat on the Mississippi.
keywords: Samuel F. Simpson, floating daguerreotype gallery, boat