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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

Ewer archive: B8560001
author name: Thomas H. Prescott
book title: The American Encyclopedia of History, Biography and Travel (selected text)
text title: "M. Daguerre."
notes: The encyclopedia entry from Daguerre, accompanied by a wood engraving portrait of Daguerre based on a daguerreotype by Charles R. Meade.
keywords: Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre, Diorama, Charles R. Meade
12 January 1856
Liverpool Photographic Journal
Ewer archive: P8560001
text title: "American Photography"
notes: The European author comments on the lack of landscape views sold in America; also provides a good description of traveling daguerreian saloons; also mentions his "scioptric camera."
keywords: landscape views, itinerant daguerreotype wagons, Roger Fenton, Bisson Frères, scioptric camera
4 February 1856
New York Herald
Ewer archive: N8560001
name: Jube, Thomas S. and/or Mary Ann
notes: A brief text advertisement included here for the telling declaration, "What daguerreotypes dead? Yes, and buried . . ."
keywords: Thomas S. Jube, Mary Ann Jube, 83 Bowery, “daguerreotypes dead?”
April 1856
Photographic and Fine Art Journal
Ewer archive: P8560004
text title: "Fitzgibbon's Gallery"
notes: A description of a visit to the St. Louis gallery of John H. Fitzgibbon.
keywords: John H. Fitzgibbon, James Sidney Brown, Mr. Hayes, Frederick A. Wenderoth, Robert H. Vance California daguerreotypes
17 July 1856
Photographic Notes (London)
Ewer archive: P8560003
text title: "The Daguerreotype Process"
notes: A good description of the process, with effusive remarks about the now-neglected daguerreotype.
keywords: Thomas Sutton
October 1856
Putnam's Monthly Magazine
Ewer archive: P8560002
text title: "The World of New York"
notes: Briefly mentioning Fredricks' gallery, selected text from an the article describing some of the city’s attractions and their appeal to the "country cousin."
keywords: Charles DeForest Fredricks