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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

Ewer archive: B8570001
author name: Anne E. Guild
book title: Grandmother Lee’s Portfolio (selected text)
notes: A work of juvenile fiction with an illustration. Describes Whipple's gallery.
keywords: Anne E. Guild, John Adams Whipple, steam
15 January 1857
American Journal of Photography
Ewer archive: P8570004
text title: "How Miss Hobbs Found Her Bracelet"
notes: A humorous fictional tale in which the daguerreotype enables the detection of a deceit.
keywords: “Miss Hobbs”, Alexander Hesler
April 1857
Photography in Californaia
Ewer archive: P8570003
author name: R. A. C. (Robert A. Carden?)
text title: "Photography in California"
notes: A very informative article about photography in California in 1857
keywords: Robert A. Carden, San Francisco, Sacramento City, Robert H. Vance, James M. Ford, Samuel P. Howes, Charles F. Hamilton, 163 Clay street, Henry W. Bradley, George Robinson Fardon, 203 Clay street, Johnson Brothers, George H. Johnson, Bryan R. Johnson, 185 Clay street, William Shew, 113 Montgomery street, Isadore Deconclois, Hamilton J. May, Charles Pierce Fessenden, Henry Bush, Valentine and Case
June 1857
Godey's Lady's Magazine
Ewer archive: P8570001
author name: Virginia De Forrest
text title: "Mrs. Daffodil's Shopping Expedition"
notes: A humorous fictional tale which includes a trip to Root's daguerreotype gallery.
keywords: Virginia De Forrest, "Mrs. Daffodil," Marcus A. Root
5 September 1857
Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper
Ewer archive: P8570002
text title: "J. H. Fitzgibbon, of St. Louis"
notes: A brief biography of John H. Fitzgibbon accompanied by a wood-engraving portrait
keywords: John H. Fitzgibbon, “Justice”