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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

Ewer archive: B8590001
author name: G. Danielson Carroll
book title: Carroll’s New York City Directory
notes: Advertisements for Anson, Gurney, Root, and Fredricks
keywords: Rufus Anson, Jeremiah Gurney, Samuel Root, Thomas Faris, Charles DeForest Fredricks, Alexander B. Weeks (?), 589 Broadway, 707 Broadway, 363 Broadway, 585 Broadway, 587 Broadway
January 1859
Democratic Age
Ewer archive: P8590004
author name: Charles Edwards Lester
text title: "A Festival of Art"
notes: A description of the opening of Jeremiah Gurney's new gallery at 707 Broadway.
keywords: Charles Edwards Lester, Jeremiah Gurney, 707 Broadway
15 January 1859
American Journal of Photography
Ewer archive: P8590003
author name: "Shade"
title: "My First Daguerreotype"
notes: A reminiscence of the first sight of a daguerreotype, also recalling early efforts.
keywords: Shade, First Daguerreotype
15 February 1859
Humphrey's Journal
Ewer archive: P8590006
author name: Samuel Dwight Humphrey
header: "On the Daguerreotype"
notes: Commentary regarding the superiority of the daguerreotype.
keywords: Samuel Dwight Humphrey
30 May 1859
Press and Tribune (Chicago)
Ewer archive: N8590002
header: "California Daguerreotypes, Photographs, &c."
notes: A brief text providing statics of photography in San Francisco
keywords: San Francisco, California
4 August 1859
St. Catharines Journal (Ontario)
Ewer archive: N8590001
author name: Fanny Fern (Sarah Willis Parton)
header: "How not to have your picture taken"
notes: A humorous text regarding those that sit for daguerreotypes.
keywords: Fanny Fern, Sara Willis Parton
24 September 1859
Frank Leslie's Illustrated News
Ewer archive: P8590005
title: "J. Gurney, Photographist"
notes: A sketch, with portrait illustration, of the noted New York daguerreotypist, Jeremiah Gurney.
keywords: Jeremiah Gurney, 707 Broadway