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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

Ewer archive: B8900001
author name: John Werge
title: The Evolution of Photography (selected text)
notes: Written by an Englishman, an extensive reminiscence of his daguerreian travels in America, 1853–1854. Mentions many daguerreotypists by name.
keywords: John Werge, Jeremiah Gurney, Mathew Brady, Martin Lawrence, Samuel Root, Meade Brothers, Samuel Humphrey, Benjamin and Polson; Marcus A. Root, Dr. Bushnel, George Adams, Thomas Easterly, Platt Babbitt, John A. Whipple, James W. Black, Masury and Silsby, E. and H.T. Anthony & Co, Scovill Manufacturing Company, James A. Cutting
14 March 1890
Photographic Times
and American Photographer

Ewer archive: P8900001
text title: "Major Moulthrop"
notes: An obituary for Moulthrop followed by a very useful survey of still-living "old-time photographers."
keywords: Major Moulthrop, Enoch Long, Albert Sands Southworth, John H. Hallenbeck, Meade Brothers, Henry D. W. Marks, Alexander Hesler, Charles DeForest Fredricks, Jeremiah Gurney, Abraham Bogardus, Mathew Brady, Benjamin L. H. Dabbs, John B. Gardner, Frederick A. Wenderoth, Samuel Broadbent, John Carbutt, William Shew, Myron Shew, James Lett, Levi Chapman, John Barnet, Benjamin French, Samuel T. Blessing, Richard A. Levi
June 1890
International Annual of
Anthony’s Photographic Bulletin

Ewer archive: P8900002
author name: W. I. Lincoln Adams
text title: "Hawthorne on the Daguerreotype"
notes: A brief synopsis of the sixth chapter of Hawthorne's book, The House of the Seven Gables.
keywords: W. I. Lincoln Adams, Nathaniel Hawthorne, House of the Seven Gables, Holgrave
April 1891
World (New York)
Ewer archive: N8910001
text title: "Still Taking Pictures"
notes: An lengthy interview with Mathew B. Brady at the age of sixty-seven.
keywords: Mathew B. Brady
American Annual of Photography
and Photographic Times Almanac
for 1892

Ewer archive: P8920001
author name: Alexander Hesler
text title: "Photographic Lightning"
notes: A brief recounting of Hesler's 1854 success at making a daguerreotype of lightning.
keywords: Alexander Hesler, lightning
Ewer archive: B8920001
author name: Benjamin Hathaway
book title: The Finished Creation: and Other Poems
text title: "To a Daguerreotype"
notes: A poem of several stanzas.
keywords: Benjamin Hathaway
14 May 1892
Harper's Weekly (New York)
Ewer archive: P8920002
author name: Eva Wilder McGlasson
text title: "The Daguerreotype"
notes: A poem written in dialect.
keywords: Eva Wilder McGlasson
3 March 1893
Sun (New York)
Ewer archive: N8930001
text title: "Artist Brown Very Ill"
notes: Biographical information regarding the daguerreotypist, James Sidney Brown.
keywords: James Sidney Brown, 181 Broadway, Mathew Brady, John H. Fitzgibbon, Richard A. Lewis
April 1893
Journal of the Franklin Institute
Ewer archive: P8930001
author name: Julius F. Sachse
text title: "Philadelphia's Share in the Development of Photography"
notes: A lengthy, detailed and informative summary of early activity in Philadelphia.
keywords: Julius F. Sachse, Paul Beck Goddard, Joseph Saxton, Robert Cornelius, John A. McAllister, William G. Mason, Joseph E. Parker, Alexander D. Bache, Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre, Henry Seybert, William Langenheim, Frederick Langenheim, Frederick E. Ives, William N. Jennings, Frederick Gutekunst, Marcus A. Root, Francis Schreiber
January 1894
American Journal of Photography
Ewer archive: P8940002
text title: "The Oldest Sun Picture of the Human Countenance?"
notes: An examination of the Dorothy Draper daguerreotype and the claim for Drapers's priority for "first portrait."
keywords: John William Draper, Dorothy Catherine Draper, William Herschel
29 March 1894
Youth’s Companion
Ewer archive: P8940003
author name: Annie Fellows-Johnston
text title: "An Old Daguerreotype"
notes: A short story, with two illustrations.
keywords: Annie Fellows-Johnston
24 August 1894
Photographic Times
and American Photographer

Ewer archive: P8940006
text title: "A Veteran Photographer"
notes: A brief reminiscence of Henry E. Insley and daguerreotypy in general.
keywords: Henry Earle Insley, Samuel F. B. Morse, George W. Prosch, Mathew B. Brady
5 October 1894
Photographic Times
and American Photographer

Ewer archive: P8940004
text title: "An Old-Time Photographer and His Reminiscences"
notes: An interview with Mathew B. Brady.
keywords: Mathew B. Brady
November 1894
Anthony’s Photographic Bulletin
Ewer archive: P8940001
notes: An obituary notice for the daguerreotypist Henry E. Insley.
keywords: Henry E. Insley, George W. Prosch, Insley & Prosch, blue glass
1894 (year of death)
Ewer archive: P8950002
book title: Appletons' Annual Cyclopaedia and Register of Important Events of the Year 1894
notes: An obituary notice for the daguerreotypist Henry E. Insley.
keywords: Henry Earle Insley, Samuel F. B. Morse, George W. Prosch
November 1895
Anthony’s Photographic Bulletin
Ewer archive: P8950001
text title: "A Daguerreotyper"
notes: A brief article regarding Steffens late-19th century activities with the daguerreotype.
keywords: Mathew J. Steffens
26 January 1896
Commercial Gazette (Cincinnati)
Ewer archive: N8960001
author name: James Landy, (interviewed)
text title: "The Daguerreotype Art"
notes: A reminiscence of James Landy, who began his life-long career in photography in 1850 at age twelve.
keywords: James Landy, Edwin Forrest, Catherine Forrest, Catherine Sinclair, Charlotte Cushman, Anna Cora Mowatt Ritchie, of Edwin Booth, Laura Keene, Father Mathew, Ezekiel C Hawkins [Ezekial ?], Charles R. Rees, Meade Brothers
29 February 1896
San Francisco Call
Ewer archive: N8960002
author name: Ernest McGaffey
text title: "An Old Daguerreotype"
notes: A three stanza poem.
keywords: Ernest McGaffey
4 February 1896
Sun (New York)
Ewer archive: N8960003
author name: Wilmot M. Chapman
text title: "Our First Photographers"
notes: A summary of early daguerreotypists in New York.
keywords: A. T. Goodell, John Plumbe, Jr., William H. Butler, John William Draper, James R. Chilton, Samuel F. B. Morse, 7 Bowery, 251 Broadway, Mathew B. Brady, 187 Broadway, Anthony Edward & Clark, Jeremiah Gurney, 189 Broadway, Abraham Bogardus, 217 Greenwish, James L. M. Scovill, Robert H. Vance
April 1898
Demorest’s Family Magazine
Ewer archive: P8980001
author name: Rufus Rockwell Wilson
text title: "A Famous Photographer and his Sitters"
notes: An article of some length regarding Josiah Johnson Hawes, with copies of daguerreotype portraits including a portrait of Hawes.
keywords: Josiah Johnson Hawes, Albert Sands Southworth, Rufus Rockwell Wilson
April 1898
Munsey's Magazine
Ewer archive: P8980002
author name: Roy F. Green
text title: "The Old Daguerreotype"
notes: A poem of reminiscence.
keywords: Roy Farrell Greene
July 1898
Camera Notes (New York)
Ewer archive: P8980003
author name: L. E. Chittenden
text title: "An Historical Letter"
notes: A reminiscence of sitting for a daguerreotype in 1842.
keywords: Lucius Eugene Chittenden
November 1899
Anthony's Photographic Bulletin
Ewer archive: P8990001
author name: J. Waterhouse
text title: "The First Use of Bromine in Daguerreotype"
notes: A discussion about priority of use of bromine as an accelerator.
keywords: James Waterhouse, Julius F. Sachse, Paul Beck Goddard, bromine, John F. Goddard, Robert Cornelius, John W. Draper