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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

Records of the
Columbia Historical Society

Ewer archive: P9000001
author name: Samuel C. Busey
text title: "Early History of Daguerreotype in the City of Washington"
notes: An history of the daguerreotype in Washington, D. C., with a focus on John Plumbe.
keywords: Samuel C. Busey, Mrs. Fulham, James Miles Wattles, François Gouraud, John Plumbe, Jr., Samuel F. B. Morse, John William Draper, Alexander S. Wolcott, Blanchard B. Paige, John Golden, Daniel Wolf, Solomon Nunes Carvalho, Nahum S. Bennett, Charles H. Venable, Samuel C. Mills, S. Rush Siebert, Mathew B. Brady, Jesse H. Whitehurst, Marcus A. Root, William W. Metcalf, Philip Haas, George R. West, John H. Clark, Gannis, Langenheim
10 August 1901
New York Times
Ewer archive: N9010001
text title: "Oldest Photographer Dead"
notes: An obituary notice for Josiah Johnson Hawes
keywords: Josiah Johnson Hawes, Albert Sands Southworth, François Gouraud
September 1901
Photo Era
Ewer archive: P9010001
text title: "The Past and Present: Death of Josiah Johnson Hawes"
notes: A profile of the career of Josiah Johnson Hawes
keywords: Josiah Johnson Hawes, Albert Sands Southworth
Ewer archive: B9020001
author name: Joseph Crosby Lincoln
text title: "The Old Daguerreotypes"
book title: Cape Cod Ballads
notes: A poem of reminiscence.
keywords: Joseph Crosby Lincoln, Edward W. Kemble (illustrator)
30 April 1903
Youth's Companion
Ewer archive: P9030002
text title: "The Days of the Daguerreotype"
notes: A few anecdotes of the daguerreotype related by Abraham Bogardus.
keywords: Abraham Bogardus
June 1903
Wilson’s Photographic Magazine
Ewer archive: P9030001
text title: "Philadelphia's Share in American Photography"
notes: Primarily a brief bio of Frederick Gutekunst, Jr., but also provides other information regarding early daguerreotypy in Phildelphia.
keywords: Frederick Gutekunst, Jr., Robert Cornelius, Robert C. Cornelius, Samuel F. B. Morse, John W. Draper, Paul Beck Goddard, Dr. Isaac Norris, Marcus A. Root, Washington Peale, Buckeye Blacksmith, John W. Bear, John C. Browne, Samuel Sartain, Joachim Bishop, Frederick DeBourg Richards, John Moran, James E. McClees, Washington Lafayett Germon, David C. Collins, Thomas P. Collins, Frederick A. Wenderoth, Robert Newell, Robert N. Keeley, William Bell (or John Bell?), Samuel Van Loan, John Jabez Edwin Mayall, Howard Peale
September 1906
Photo Era
Ewer archive: P9060001
text title: "Stray Leaves from the Diary of the Oldest Professional Photographer in the World"
notes: A text based on a manuscript autobiography of Josiah Johnson Hawes
keywords: Josiah Johnson Hawes, Albert Sands Southworth
25 March 1908
New York Times
Ewer archive: N9080001
text title: "Obituary notes - Abraham Bogardus"
notes: An obituary notice for the noted New York daguerreotypist/photographer, Abraham Bogardus
keywords: Abraham Bogardus