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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

July 1910
Photographic Times (New York)
Ewer archive: P9100001
text title: "A Glimpse at Old Daguerreotype Days in Manhattan"
notes: Anecdotal remarks regarding daguerreian activity in New York.
keywords: A. J. Hargrave, Edward Anthony, 205 Broadway, Scovill
June 1911
Wilson's Photographic Magazine
Ewer archive: P9110001
text title: "Centenary of Dr. John William Draper, First Portrait Photographer"
notes: A profile of some length of the daguerreian activities of John W. Draper. With portrait.
keywords: John William Draper, Samuel F. B. Morse, Mathew B. Brady, "dags"
December 1915
American Photography (Boston)
Ewer archive: P9150001
author name: John A. Anderson
text title: "The Daguerreotype"
notes: A reminiscence of one who worked during the daguerreian era, although primarily as an amateur.
keywords: John A. Anderson
11 February 1917
New-York Tribune
Ewer archive: N9170001
author name: Robert C. Benchley
text title: "Unpublished Portraits"
notes: An illustrated humorous article about both the (supposed) addiction to having one's daguerreotype taken, and the unending supply of the "hitherto unpublished portrait."
keywords: Robert C. Benchley
10 May 1917
Youth's Companion (Boston)
Ewer archive: P9170002
author name: C. A. Stephens
text title: "That Mysterious 'Daguerreotype Saloon'"
notes: An fiction tale of two girls and an old traveling daguerreotype saloon; with illustration.
keywords: C. A. Stephens, Charles Asbury Stephens, traveling daguerreotype saloon, wagon
November 1917
Photo-Era (Boston)
Ewer archive: P9170001
author name: Wilfred A. French
text title: "Repairing a Rare Daguerreotype"
notes: An anecdote regarding the fate of a misguiding cleaning.
keywords: Wilfred A. French
January 1918
News Notes of California Libraries
Ewer archive: P9180001
author name: Charles B. Turrill
text title: "An Early California Photographer: C: E: Watkins"
notes: An article written by someone who knew Watkins; discusses Watkins' copy photographs of daguerreotypes presumably by Vance.
keywords: Charles Beebe Turrill, Carleton E. Watkins, Robert H. Vance
January 1919
Photo-Era (Boston)
Ewer archive: P9190001
author name: Michael Gross
text title: "The 'Wet' and the 'Dry'"
notes: The article includes information regarding S. F. B. Morse and his "Palace of the Sun."
keywords: Samuel F. B. Morse, John Frederick Goddard