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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype


Broadsides, handbills, circulars, tokens, business cards, medals, tradecards, and other miscelaneous ephemera are provided within this section.

Two documents are provided for each entry: a pdf-format document with full notes, and supplemental graphic file providing a good-quality jpg-format file.

card for Rufus Anson, Daguerreotypes name: Rufus Anson
date: ca. 1858
notes: A diminutive advertisement card for Anson. One side is for daguerreotypes; the other for photographs.
keywords: Rufus Anson, 589 Broadway
Ewer archive: E8580001 (full notes) / supplemental graphic file (basic notes)
M. A. Root business card name: Marcus Aurelius Root
notes: A business card for M. A. Root at his Philadelphia business address
keywords: Marcus Aurelius Root, Marcus A. Root, Marcus Root, M. A. Root, 140 Chesnut
Ewer archive: E0000001 (full notes) / supplemental graphic file (basic notes)
Gabriel Harrison business card name: Gabriel Harrison
notes: A business card for Gabriel Harrison as operator at the 208 Broadway gallery of Martin Lawrence.
keywords: Gabriel Harrison, Martin M. Lawrence, 208 Broadway
Ewer archive: E0000002 (full notes) / supplemental graphic file (basic notes)
handbill for Turner & Craig's Celebrated Daguerreotype Rooms name: Turner and Craig
notes: A handbill for "Turner & Craig's Celebrated Daguerreotype Rooms"
keywords: Turner & Craig
Ewer archive: E8520001 (full notes) / supplemental graphic file (basic notes)
Season Ticket for the Grand Parlor and Gallery Stereoscope name: Albert Sands Southworth and Josiah Johnson Hawes
notes: A season ticket for the Grand Parlor and Gallery stereoscope exhibited at the gallery of Southworth and Hawes, Boston
keywords: Albert Sands Southworth, Josiah Johnson Hawes, Grand Parlor and Gallery Stereoscope, Bride of the Stereoscope, 5 1/2 Tremont Row
Ewer archive: E8540001 (full notes) /  supplemental graphic file (basic notes) /  see also Ewer archive: N8540002
Broadside for Mons. Blume name: Mons. Blume
notes: A broadside for Mons. Blume, itinerant daguerreotypist, while in Lismore, Ireland.
keywords: Mons. Blume
Ewer archive: E0000003 (full notes) / supplemental graphic file (basic notes)
advertisement for E. B. Chase and L. G. Chase name: E. B. Chase and L. G. Chase
notes: A "bank note" advertisement for E. B. Chase and L. G. Chase.
keywords: Ezra Bailey Chase, Lorenzo G. Chase, 247 Washington
Ewer archive: N8480001 (full notes) / supplemental graphic file (basic notes)
Advertising note for Simpson's Daguerrean Gallery (ca. 1855) name: Andrew J. Simpson
notes: Advertising "note" for Simpson's Daguerrean Gallery (ca. 1855).
keywords: Andrew J. Simpson, 28 Merrimack Street
Ewer archive: E0000004 (full notes) / supplemental graphic file (basic notes)