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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

ADVERTISEMENTS (for names "G" through "I")
19 September 1851
New-York Daily Times
Ewer archive: N8510030
name: Gavit, Daniel E.
notes: An advertisement for the New York gallery of David E. Gavit. The advertisement includes a lengthy list of inidividuals featured in the "National Miniature Gallery" collection assembled by Anthony, Edward, Chilton, and Clark (in various business combinations).
keywords: Daniel E. Gavit, National Miniature Gallery, 247 Broadway
Morning Post (San Francisco)
Ewer archive: N8510022
name: Gow, James and Robert W. Fishbourne
notes: Advertisement for Fishbourne & Gow
keywords: Robert W. Fishbourne, James Gow, Fishbourne & Gow
30 October 1852
Lantern (New York)
Ewer archive: A8520001
name: Gurney, Jeremiah
notes: Advertisements for Gurney, Root, Brady, Morand, Brown
keywords: Lantern, Jeremiah Gurney, Samuel Root, Mathew Brady, Philip Morand, James Sidney Brown
28 January 1853
Evening Post (New York)
Ewer archive: N8530002
name: Gurney, Jeremiah
notes: Advertisement mentioning both his award from the Fair of the American Institute and the exhibition of the views of California (taken by Robert Vance).
keywords: Jeremiah Gurney, Albert Litch, Robert H. Vance, 189 Broadway, 349 Broadway
Carroll's New York City Directory
Ewer archive: B8590001
name: Gurney, Jeremiah
notes: Advertisements for Anson, Gurney, Root, and Fredricks
keywords: Rufus Anson, Jeremiah Gurney, Samuel Root, Thomas Faris, Charles DeForest Fredricks, Alexander B. Weeks (?), 589 Broadway, 707 Broadway, 363 Broadway, 585 Broadway, 587 Broadway
28 October 1851
New-York Daily Times
Ewer archive: N8510033
name: Insley, Henry E.
notes: Advertisement mentioning his award from the Fair of the American Institute for his "illuminated" daguerreotypes..
keywords: Henry E. Insley, illuminated daguerreotypes
9 November 1849
Newburgh Excelsior
(Newburgh, NY)
Ewer archive: N8490002
name: Walker and Horton
notes: A text advertisement with a poem of sentiment
keywords: Walker and Horton, Walker & Horton