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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype


Two documents are provided for each entry: a pdf-format document with full notes, and supplemental graphic file providing a good-quality jpg-format file.

Advertisement for the Lantern, (daguerreotypist and sitter) August 1852 title: A Perfect Daguerreotype of All Yankee Doodledom
notes: an advertisement for the Lantern, depicting daguerreotypist, sitter, and lantern, August 1852
keywords: Lantern, daguerreotypist, sitter
Ewer archive: P8520006 (full notes) /  supplemental graphic file (basic notes)
Two Daguerreotypes title: Illustration from Oliver Optic [pseud. William Taylor Adams], Indoors and Out: or, Views from the Chimney Corner, 1854
notes: Illustration of daguerreotypist, camera, drunken sitter, wife
keywords: Oliver Optic, William Taylor Adams, "The Two Daguerreotypes"
Ewer archive: B8540001 (full notes) /  supplemental graphic file (basic notes)
Receiving the Daguerreotypes title: Illustration from Anne E. Guild, Grandmother Lee’s Portfolio, 1857
notes: Illustration of two women with daguerreotypes
keywords: Anne E. Guild, John Adams Whipple, steam
Ewer archive: B8570001 (full notes) /  supplemental graphic file (basic notes)
The Daguerreotype title: The Daguerreotype: "When I Was As Young As You, My Dears"
notes: a magazine illustration from a photograph by Frances Allen and Mary Allen.
keywords: Frances Allen, Mary Allen, Frances and Mary Allen
Ewer archive: P9020001 (full notes) /  supplemental graphic file (basic notes)
daguerreotype saloon title: "That Mysterious 'Daguerreotype Saloon'"
notes: an illustration for a work of fiction, depicting an old daguerreotypist's wagon
keywords: C. A. Stephens, Charles Asbury Stephens, traveling daguerreotype saloon
Ewer archive: P9170002 (full notes) /  supplemental graphic file (basic notes)