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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

PLACES  (arranged by date of publication)

Two documents are provided for each entry: a pdf-format document with full notes, and supplemental graphic file providing a good-quality jpg-format file.

Niagara, from daguerreotypes by Langenheim subject: Niagara Falls
notes: Color lithograph of Niagara Falls from the Clifton House, from a daguerreotype panorama by W. & F. Langenheim; lithograph by Augustus de Vaudricourt
keywords: Augustus de Vaudricourt, William Langenheim, Frederick Langenheim, Clifton House, Falls of Niagara, Niagara Falls, J. De Tivoli
Ewer archive: B8460001 (full notes) / supplemental graphic file (basic notes)
The Riot at Sacramento City title: "The Riot at Sacramento City"
notes: Wood engraving of the squatter riot at Sacramento City from a daguerreotype by George H. Johnson.
keywords: George H. Johnson
Ewer archive: P8500005 (full notes) / supplemental graphic file (basic notes)
View of Chatham Street, 1858 (T. Lewis gallery) title: "General View of Chatham St. 1858"
notes: Lithograph of Chatham Street in New York City; depicts the exterior of the daguerreotype gallery of Treadwell Lewis.
keywords: Treadwell Lewis, 158 Chatham Street, Chatham Square
Ewer archive: P8580002 (full notes) / supplemental graphic file (basic notes)