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  The research archive of Gary W. Ewer regarding the history of the daguerreotype

ADVERTISEMENTS (for names "M" through "O")
Business Directory of Baltimore City
Ewer archive: P8530006
name: Marsters, Joseph D.
notes: An illustrated advertisement for Marsters depicting skylight, daguerreotypist, camera, sitters.
keywords: Joseph D. Marsters
14 June 1851
Morning Post (San Francisco)
Ewer archive: N8510020
name: Maxham & Co.
notes: A text advertisement.
keywords: Maxham & Co.
14 June 1845
Pensacola Gazette
Ewer archive: N8450001
name: McIntrye, Sterling C.
notes: A promotional piece regarding McIntyre, along with his text advertisement.
keywords: Sterling C. McIntyre
Feburary 1852
Phrenological Journal (New York)
Ewer archive: P8520004
name: Morand, Augustus
notes: A promotional notice regarding his removal to 65 Chatham Street, New York
keywords: Augustus Morand
30 October 1852
Lantern (New York)
Ewer archive: A8520001
name: Morand, Augustus
notes: Advertisements for Gurney, Root, Brady, Morand, Brown
keywords: Lantern, Jeremiah Gurney, Samuel Root, Mathew Brady, Philip Morand, James Sidney Brown
15 March 1850
Western Star
(Lebanon, Ohio)
Ewer archive: N8500001
name: Mote, Marcus and Peter Deardorff
notes: A brief text advertisement indicating a limited stay in the town
keywords: Marcus Mote, Peter Deardorff
ca. 1853
Ewer archive: P8530004
name: Moulthop, Major
notes: A display advertisement from a directory/almanac
keywords: Major Moulthrop